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Preschool Program

Majestic Munchkins - 18months-2years

Our main focus in our Muchkins group is to aid you child's general development. We use gymnastics, group activities, parents, and musical activities to improve your child's motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, listening skills, turn taking, and more. This class provides the perfect bonding time with your little one!  

Majestic Minis - 3-4 years

This is a co-ed gymnastics class in which our coaches use gymnastics as a tool to teach skills needed for school and at home. We use cooperative games, fun warm-ups, and musical activities to improve listening skills, turn taking, coordination, balance, strength, patience, responsibility and more. Your little one will begin that separating from mom or dad and move toward more independence and increased confidence.

Majestic Mightys - 4 1/2 - 5 years

In this co-ed gymnastics class your child will begin to focus on a wider variety of gymnastics skills and will also begin combining skills to create short routines. We incorporate all events: bars, beam, floor, and vault into this group and continue using cooperative games, musical activities and fun warm-ups during class! Your child will have fun learning cartwheels, handstands, jumps, and more while improving strength, balance, flexibility, confidence and more.

School Age Gymnastics

We offer gymnastics for boys and girls ages 6 and up. Gymnastics will improve your child's balance, coordination, focus, self-discipline, confidence, strength, flexibility, and time management skills. We also focus on skills needed for future success including, goal-setting, team work, responsibility, problem-solving and more. Every single child in this program will become more confident and more determined to succeed in their future. Your child will begin in our freshman gymnastics class and will then progress through the levels at a safe, steady and fun pace! 

Girls Competitive Gymnastics

We currently have a program for gymnasts that excel in the sport of gymnastics. Mrs. Ashley Goad is our team director and head coach.. Ashley has over 20 years of coaching experience and was a Elite level competitive gymnast as a child!! These girls range from 5 years -18 years old and compete via USA Gymnastics Xcel program. Girls must be invited to try out for team and must try out every year. Girls are taught that it is not about winning and that doing their personal best is the most important. For more info in our competitive team program, please email the gym at [email protected]


Our cheer classes are designed to teach all aspects of cheerleading. Our classes are taught by Ms. Ashley, a former gymnast & cheerleader, and currently a cheerleader at Sam Houston State University. Each week, the class will lean motions, jumps, cheers, chants, stunts, tumbling, and have a great time! Our cheer program is growing and we would love to have you be a part of it! 


We offer tumbling for boys and girls ages 6-18. Our tumbling classes have a progressive format in which your child will start at beginner level skills and will progress to more advance tumbling skills. Tumbling is a great addition to any sport and will increase your child's strength and flexibility.. Tumbling is also a great addition to our cheer classes! The extra class each week is sure to improve your child's tumbling at a much quicker pace and get him/her ready for cheer try-outs

Majestic Dance Academy

Our dance program is a growing and dynamic program. We will be adding new styles of dance and new classes to our class schedule on a regular basis. We currently offer ballet, lyrical, jazz, and drill team prep classes, We start our dancers out at 2 years old and have only the best qualified instructors in the area! Dance Academy Rules & Regulations

Boys Sports Performance

These classes are designed to prepare our boys for future sports. We focus on increasing their strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, and coordination skills to help them become more successful in other sports such as baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and so much more. Coach Jerry uses tumbling, gymnastics, and other fun activities to help increase the children's skills. He challenges them to do better in a fun and positive manner. 


We offer wrestling classes for boys and girls ages 8+. Let us help your child get a jump start on wrestling. Our qualified coach will teach your child the fundamental wrestling skills needed to become a strong, flexible, and fit wrestler! Coach Collin has wrestled through high school and college and has taught at several different wrestling camps around the nation.

Ninja Zone

We have partnered with NinjaZone to bring you the best ninja classes available. Our ninja classes are designed to bring out your child's inner ninja and will turn their energy into ambition. Children will use a combination of martial arts, gymnastics, parkour and tumbling to get a class full of fun, strength building, coordination development, discipline, and focus. Our ninja program begins at age 4 and are offered to both boys and girls. Lil'Ninja class offered for 4 and 5 year olds, Ninja White and Yellow offerd for 6-12 year olds and Homeschool Ninja begins at age 5. Call today to set up your free trial class. 

Receive a discount on additional classes when you enroll in more than one class!!! We Also offer sibling discounts! 

*Only one discount per family! Rules apply.


Preschool Class Schedule

School Age Class Schedule

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Boys Sports Performance Class Schedule

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